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No. Title Location Pic.
1 Stainless steel high-grade wine racks (9 hits) 2 days ago VietNam No
2 Aluminum alloy laser screen partition wall (12 hits) 8 days ago VietNam No
3 Sell SARMS,MK-2866,Andarine,GW501516,LGD-4033,MK-677,SR9009 (18 hits) 10 days ago China No
SARMS,MK-2866,Andarine,GW501516,LGD-4033,MK-677,SR9009,RAD 140,AICAR I am James, I have those product. skype: cotanjames whatsapp:+86-13802264524 ...
4 Construction Welded Steel Pipe (22 hits) 11 days ago China trade
Construction Welded Steel Pipe Construction Welded Steel Pipe ERW Steel Pipe Structure Steel pipe Construction Welded Steel Pipe because of welding into a straight line hence the name, which according to ...
5 Broken bucket Italy MB (33 hits) 14 days ago China trade
Broken bucket Italy MB Smash any dismantled material and smash directly at the site [2] Reduce the use of machine tools Resolve the disposal of demolition materials. Save all rental costs Reduce ...
6 Automatic continuous mixer (17 hits) 15 days ago VietNam trade
Automatic continuous mixer The automatic continuous mixer continuously drives the mixing of building materials through the power system, and at the same time, the water supply system automatically provides ...
7 High-pressure airless sprayer (Piston pump) (15 hits) 15 days ago VietNam trade
High-pressure airless sprayer (Piston pump) 1.Efficiency: 3,000 to 5,000 square meters can be completed every 8 hours on average, which is 50 to 100 times of manual work. 2. Save material: spray more fully even, save ...
8 Piston pump airless sprayer (15 hits) 15 days ago VietNam trade
Piston pump airless sprayer 1. The efficiency is 500-1200 square meters per hour, which is more than 10 times that of traditional drum construction. It does not need repeated spraying, which reduces the ...
9 Mortar cement plaster plastering machine (12 hits) 15 days ago VietNam trade
Mortar cement plaster plastering machine 1.High efficiency, manual 12~20M2 per person per day, machine 400M2 per day. 2.Simplified process, manual scraping after machine spraying. 3.Good engineering quality, high ...
10 Automatic mortar cement plastering machine (18 hits) 15 days ago VietNam trade
Automatic mortar cement plastering machine Auto plastering machine is a new type of automatic plastering machine independently developed by DERUTU group, which has been widely and mature applied in China. 1. High ...
11 Slipform kerb machine (33 hits) 27 days ago China trade
Slipform kerb machine With the development of expressway and domestic mechanical manufacturing technology, Slipform kerb machine machine equipment technology has been introduced to China from abroad, ...

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