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Electrical automation control system

Electrical automation control system picture Electrical automation control system
1.The electrode Automatic pressure release function
Based processes require, precise voltage discharge electrode,greatly improve the stability, reliability of electricfurnace production,the reductionof electrode fracture rate, to ensure safety, high efficiency, stable operation of electric furnace.

2. Electrode lifting function
Based process requires accurate control electrode operation.

3. The function of automatic control feeding
Accordingto processrequirements, timing, quantitative automatic adding material to the furnace. The feeding uniformity, stability, to ensure continuous and stable operation of electric furnace, to improve the level of automation.

4. Detection and display of operating parameters
Electric furnace operating parameters such as:current,voltage,power factor,temperature, pressure and other parameters in real-time detection and control,and a sound alarm,all parameters, status can be displayed on the color display.

5. Automatic and manual switching function
To ensure system reliability.equipped with a set of manual control buttons,manual control can be used under any circumstances.

6. The operation parameters of storage and printing function
Instant printing and timing print arbitrary choice,operating parameters can be prolonged storage,access to,easy to manage.

7. The network function
With the LAN network, the parametercan be remote monitoring furnace operation, improve the enterprise automation management level.
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