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Bio soluble AES fiber yarn

Bio soluble AES fiber yarn picture Introduction
Bio soluble AES fiber is a high-temperature insulating wool composed of man-made vitreous silicate fibers.Bio soluble AES fiber is exonerated from the carcinogen classification in the European Union under the term of NOTA Q of European Directive 67/548/EEC. Bio soluble AES fiber has been developed to show improved high temperature characteristics required to act as an alternative to RCF. The Bio soluble AES fiber fiber textiles offer a versatile alternative to traditional insulation solutions for commercial, industrial, and transportation applications.

Bio soluble AES fiber yarn is produced by high quality Bio soluble AES fiber.It can be used for high temperature applications up to1050°C. The cloth is reinforced with fiberglass filament, and optional stainless steel wire (Inconel/alloy steel wire). Or even short working temperature could be reached to 1260°C. It has good resistance to acid corrosion, resistant aluminum, zinc and other molten metal erosion.

Parameter table
Type Data
Color Green
Max working temp 1260°C
Fiber diameter 3~5μm
Heat shrinkage(1232°C,24h) 3.5%
Thermal conductivity(538°C,8pcf) 0.130w/mk
Shot < 8.5%
Breakdown voltage 5kv/mm
Resistance 5x10 10Ω
Moisture content < 2%
Organic fiber content < 20%

Continuous working temp: 1050°C (1900°F);
Maximum working temp: 1260°C (2300°F);

code Nominal tex
(Tex) Finished tex
(Tex) Ply Reinforcement Working temperature
BY525G×2 525 1080 2 E-glass Filament 650°C (1200°F)
BY630G×2 630 1300 2
BY650G×3 650 2000 3
BY830G×2 830 1710 2
BY1000G×2 1000 2000 2
BY830G×3 830 2490 3
BY2000G×1 2000 2000 1
BY2000G×2 2000 4000 2
BY2250G×2 2250 4500 2
BY525S×2 525 1150 2 Inconel/alloy
Steel Wire
(Stainless steel wire) 1050°C (1900°F)
BY630S×2 630 1360 2
BY650S×3 650 2100 3
BY830S×2 830 1770 2
BY1000S×2 1000 2100 2
BY830S×3 830 2600 3
BY2000S×2 2000 4100 2
BY2250S×2 2250 4600 2


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