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The modules 2MBI75U4A-120
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The modules 2MBI75U4A-120


ALLICDATA was first founded in 2005, and has been committed to the promotion and sales of the high-end, high-precision, non [url=]inductive resistance and power resistor brand CADDOCK in the US. After years of efforts and development, we have trained a number of customers who have good cooperative relations, covering all China. In addition, our company can help customers to find active components of foreign brands, passive components, all kinds of well-known semiconductor products, as well as cold door, production devices, to provide global order services. "Quality is our credibility, delivery is our responsibility, and professionality is our service," is a creed of all staff. With our own unique management way, we rely on the unremitting efforts of all the staff, the new devices are continuously launched, the technical force is growing and the turnover continues to grow, and a complete national sales system has been formed. It is our unremitting pursuit to become a well-known supplier of components in China.

1. IGBT is a functional integration of Power MOSFET and BJT devices in monolithic form
2. IGBT combines the best attributes of both to achieve optimal device characteristics. Each module consists of two IGBTs in a half-bridge configuration with each transistor having a reverse-connected super-fast recovery free-wheel diode.
3. All componentsand interconnects are isolated from the heat sinking, baseplate,offering simplified system assembly.
1. Square RBSOA
2. Low Saturation Voltage
3. Overcurrent Limiting Function (~3 Times Rated Current)
4. IGBT is three-terminal power semiconductor device
5. High Frequency Operation
1. AC Drive inverter
2. Motion/Servo Control
3. UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply
4. Welding Power Supplies

Main products have imported UV point light source; optoelectronic equipment; optical equipment; optical materials; optoelectronic products; semiconductor equipment; semiconductor consumables; UV point light source; ultraviolet lamp; purple light; UV UV curing lamp; UV curing lamp; standard light source; D65 standard light source; exposure lamp; infrared lamp; UV mercury lamp; infrared heating lamp; bactericidal lamp . The main industries include ultraviolet lamps, other gas discharge lamps, ultraviolet lamps, infrared lamps, other industrial control systems and equipment, and other cold light sources.
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