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AMT-H2O2 Shallow Water Micro-sensor for Dissolved H2O2

AMT-H2O2 Shallow Water Micro-sensor for Dissolved H2O2 picture Shallow Water Micro-sensor for Dissolved Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)
For very fast depth profiling with probe systems

The amperometric micro-sensor for shallow water has been developed for the fast in-situ depth profiling of dissolved hydrogen peroxide with probe systems or as single OEM sensor in industrial plants. Because of the partial pressure of the gaseous H2O2 , the analyte is separated by permeation through the membrane. Inside the sensor the hydrogen peroxide reacts electrochemically at the working electrode. This causes a current corresponding to the partial pressure of the dissolved hydrogen peroxide.

The sensor has a very short response time of approx. 2 seconds for t 90% and streaming as it is well-known from all the other membrane covered electrochemical sensors is not necessary, so that profiling with very high local resolution is possible. Both turbid and coloured solutions do not interfere with the signal. For measuring the hydrogen peroxide concentration the sensor has to be combined with a temperature measurement.

The hydrogen peroxide micro-sensor is available for in-situ measurements with pressures of up to 100 dbar and as laboratory version. All sensors are delivered with sensor slope, temperature compensation data and mathematical formulas for calculating the hydrogen peroxide concentration. The exchange of sensor tips is very easy and could be done by the customer himself. The alternative exchange tip for dissolved oxygen or hydrogen sulphide extends the sensors flexibility.

Technical data of the Shallow Water Micro-sensor for Dissolved H2O2:
• Measuring principle: amperomety
• Power supply: 9 ... 30 VDC (others on request)
• Output: 0 ... + 3 VDC (others on request)
• Measuring range:
0,02 bis 10% H2O2
or dissolved oxygen sensor tip
or H2S sensor tips​
• Accuracy: 2% (measuring value)
• Response time: < 2 s for t 90 %
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