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Hot Water Pipe PP-R pipe standard
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Hot Water Pipe PP-R pipe standard

PP-R pipe standard

PP-R pipeline system in accordance with the GB/T18742.1-2002 national quality supervision, inspection and quarantine standards. It released on 2002-05-

29, and implemented on 2003-01-01. The relevant standards are as follows:

GB/T18742.1-2002 polypropylene piping systems for hot and cold water First Part: General;

GB/T18742.2-2002 polypropylene piping systems for hot and cold water First Part: Pipe;

GB/T18742.3-2002 polypropylene piping systems for hot and cold water First Part: Fittings;

PP-R pipe and fitting features

The building water supply random co-polymer polypropylene ( PP-R ) pipe, which has the advantages of the international leading level of environmental protection and energy saving, has the following advantages:

Light weight: the density is 0.89-.92g/cm3, only 1/9 of the steel tube, and 1/10 of the copper tube. Because of the light weight, the transportation cost and the installa

tion of the construction intensity can be greatly reduced.

Good thermal performance: The working temperature can be used in 700C for a long time, the water temperature can be reached to 950C in short-term use.

Long service life: In the normal environment, under the working pressure for 10Kg/cm2, the service life of the PP-

R pipe is longer than other materials pipe. Because it has a excellent heat resistance (available in 700C conditions for 50 years).

Good corrosion resistance: The PPR pipe has no chemical reaction for most ions in the water and for the building chemical substances, will not rust, not

corrosion, and not breed bacteria.

Low thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity in 20°C is 0.23-0.24W/mk which is much lower than that in the steel pipe(43-52W/mk). So the PP-

R pipe has a better heat preservation.

Small pipe fitting resistance: The inner wall of the pipe is smooth, it will be scaled, and the friction coefficient is only 0.007, which is far lower than that of metal pipe.

Firm pipe connection: because of the good thermal performance of polypropylene, hot melting connection make the same material pipe and fittings connected to a

whole, avoiding the water leakage problem.

Retrievability: Without any pollution to the environment in the production, construction and using. It belongs to the green products, the scrap can be recycled.

Complete facility: PP-R pipe system is complete, it can solve the engineering supporting requirements of indoor and residential water supply pipeline.

Competitive price: PP-R pipe price is equal to the galvanized pipe, the construction is convenient, the cost is lower.
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