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Ship Launching Balloon
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Ship Launching Balloon

Product information of Ship Launching Balloon

Ship launching balloons are also called as ship launching airbag, ship docking airbag, salvage airbag, inflatable airbag, ship lifting bag, air balloon, made by rubber & multi layer of rubber-dipped tyre fabric. Airbags are mainly used in launching and docking ship/ boat/vessel, lifting and moving heavy projects, salvaging sinked boats. Marine airbags are very popular for shipyard, ship owner, and marine supplies company now.

Ship launching airbags are made of an out rubber layer, multi layer heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord layers, and an inner rubber layer vulcanized firmly. Ship launching airbags are cylindrical balloon body with two conical head and end mouth. Air tightness swivel and air inlet kits are screwed on the end mouth.

* Synthetic cord layer is reinforcement layer which are made of rubber coated synthetic-tire-cord fabrics. We use the Holistic Wrapping Technolog to make the synthetic cord layer to hold the internal pressure and to distribute the stress evenly. The warp is over 95 cords per 100 mm in width. The breaking strength is more than 310 N per cords.

* The outer rubber layer covers the outside of ship launching airbags to protects the cord layers from abrasion and other external forces. The compound is not easily stretched and torn, and can be used in various situations and usages.

Our properties requirements of outer and inner rubber material comply with ISO 14409.

Acceptance Test for Commercial Ship Launching Balloon

Our test the ship launching airbags purchased based on the test items indicated below:

* The appearance of the airbag is free from defects such as blemishes, bubbles, cracks, etc.

* The diameter, length and working pressure of each air bag need to be tested
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