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Cable Integrity Flammability Testing Equipment
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Cable Integrity Flammability Testing Equipment

1. Description
The tester is designed according to GB/T 19216.11-2003/IEC 60331-11:1999 "Line integrity test of cables and optical cables under flame conditions Part 11: test apparatus - individual fire supply with flame temperature not lower than 750℃". It fully conforms to GB/T 19216.21-2003/IEC 60331-21:1999 "Line integrity test of cables and optical cables under flame conditions" Testing Procedures and Requirements Part 21: Test Procedures and Requirements - Cables rated at 0.6/1.0 kV and Below GB/T 19216.23-2003/IEC 60331-23:1999 “Line Integrity Test for Cables and Optical Cables under Flame Conditions Part 21: Test Procedures and Requirements - Data Cables” and GB/T19216.25-2003/IEC60331-25:1999 “Electricity under Flame Conditions. Test of line integrity of cable and optical cable twenty-first parts: test procedures and requirements -- optical cable " test standard. It is suitable for testing the integrity of the cable or optical cable when it is fired at no less than 750℃.
2. Standards
GB/T 19216.11-2003 / IEC 60331-11:1999, GB/T 19216.21-2003 / IEC 60331-21:1999, GB/T 19216.23-2003 / IEC 60331-23:1999, GB/T19216.25-2003 / IEC60331-25:1999
3. Main Technical Parameters
(1) Test station: 1 stations, one sample at a time.
(2) Test size: Length > 1200 mm;
(3) Sample bracket: There are three bracket rings in the machine. In the test, the sample is placed on the bracket ring and fixed with two side fixtures. The inner diameter of the metal ring is about 150 mm.
(4) Provides the standard request five inner diameters approximately 150 mm metal ring, the metal ring distance may freely adjust, facilitates the specimen to be fixed and held;
(5) Stainless steel test carrier, bearing 30kg;
(6) Combustion gas: propane with purity of 98% (customer supplied);
(7) Combustion supporting gas: compressed air. (air pressure needs to reach more than 10 Mpa).
(8) Timer: 0 to 99.99 s/m/h arbitrary setting;
(9) Flame temperature: 450 to 950℃.
(10) Power supply: AC380 (±10%) V/50HZ;
(11) Power: 1KW;
(12) Trolley size: L450 * W910 * H540 mm;
(13) Sample Bracket Size: L1200 * W430 * H700 mm;
(14) Control Box Size: L1000 * W1000 * H1750 mm.
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