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Continuous belt microwave bamboo chopstick insecticide steri

Continuous belt microwave bamboo chopstick insecticide steri picture Usage and brief introduction:

Microwave bamboo wood dry ,mouldproof and insecticide is a new technology,which is widely used in the drying of wood, bamboo products, furniture, flooring and other bamboo timber industry. Due to deformation, cracking, mildew and other reasons , conventional drying caused the large amount of waste. Microwave drying equipment is different from conventional drying. It has s series of advantages such as heat evenly, fast drying, do not take shape, no cracking, decay and mildew, and good product quality, continuous and automated production. The microwave bamboo wood drying distinctive feature is that the heat do not need to be transfered from

the appearance of objects.Boomboo wood itself and the moisture it contained obsorbs microwave leading to direct heating. Due to the evaporation of surface moisture of the material, therefore, the material internal temperature is higher than the surface, making Material formed within the outward pressure, accelerating the water surface migration. Microwave bamboo wood drying take wet bamboo wood as a dielectric, under high rapid frequency electromagnetic field changes, cause the numerator movement and the friction effect of each other.,making temperature of material increase to reach the purpose of microwave heating dry.

Advantages of microwave bamboo wood drying insecticidal equipment:

1. Fast drying and high efficiency. According to the data , 25 to 50 mm pine board drying rate is 20-30 times faster than the commonly used convection drying rate . Bamboo wood moisture from 30% to 12%, only 15-25 minutes.

2. Drying bamboo wood evenly, no deformation, no cracking.

Because the microwave effects bamboo wood both inside and outside at the same time, the heat evenly so bamboo wood treated with microwave, uniform drying thoroughly, improve product quality, not harden the surface, increasing toughness, and promise not to cracking, discoloration, and so on.

3.Mouldproof, extending shelf life.Microwave dry the Repetition wood, penetrating into Repetition timber internal and killing parasitic eggs to reach the purpose of mothproof,mouldproof, extending shelf life.
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