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Mercedes diesel fuel injector replacement 0 445 120 125
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Mercedes diesel fuel injector replacement 0 445 120 125

Mercedes diesel fuel injector replacement 0 445 120 125


Nicole Lin

This post is for information only. Despite my best efforts, I make no claims or warranties regarding the accuracy of this DIY. Your vehicle, its parts, systems, and torque specifications may differ from what is detailed below. You assume all risks associated with working on your own vehicle, and do not hold me liable for any damages. Having this work done by a qualified professional is recommended.

Who this tutorial is intended for

- Someone with mechanical aptitude, attention to detail, confidence, and appropriate tools.

- Someone who does not have Xentry or equivalent DAS software to perform the required coding/adaptation work.

Why did I decide to perform this procedure on my vehicle?

- Symptom: intermittent rough idle

- Error Code: P02D5 Cylinder 5 Fuel Injector Offset Learning At Max Limit

- Error Code: P02D7 Cylinder 6 Fuel Injector Offset Learning At Max Limit

- Error Code: P0305 Cylinder 5 Misfire Detected

- Odometer: 104,000 kms

- Based on the above, I concluded that at least two of the six injectors were requiring rebuild or replacement. I decided to purchase six new injectors, and the associated parts/tools to perform the mechanical work myself. Once I completed the mechanical work, I took the vehicle to a reputable Mercedes independent shop to perform the Xentry DAS re-adaptations.

Part List/consumables (for replacing all six injectors)

- Fuel Injectors (6x) new or re-manufactured

------ New ---------------------------------------------- A 642 070 11 87 (Bosch 0445116025)

------ Re-manufactured ------------------------------ A 642 070 11 87 80 (Bosch 0986435404)

- Fuel Injector Yield/Stretch Bolt (6x) ------------- A 000 990 29 07

- Fuel Injector Crush Washer (6x) ---------------- A 611 017 00 60

- High-temp Ceramic Grease (1x) ----------------- A 001 989 42 51 10 (or Febi/Bilstein 26712 grease as an alternate)

- Fuel Injector Brackets (as required) ------------ A 642 016 00 38

Special Tools

- Torque wrench(es) suitable for ranges between 7 Nm - 33 Nm.

- Box wrench bit (Mercedes Part No. 000 589 68 03 00) or crows foot sockets including 17 mm and 18 mm sizes.

- Diesel injector seat/bore cleaning kit. I used this kit.

- Acetone or equivalent solvent for cleaning injector bores.

- Shop vac with long/thin adapter to suction out debris from injector bores. This is helpful if you have it.

- Injector impact extractor (Mercedes Part No. 602 589 00 33 00) or equivalent, if injector is seized.

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