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Broken bucket Italy MB

Broken bucket Italy MB picture Smash any dismantled material and smash directly at the site [2] Reduce the use of machine tools Resolve the disposal of demolition materials. Save all rental costs Reduce transportation and management costs Easy to use, fast work Suitable for large and small construction sites Recycling and saving
The sieved pieces can be adjusted according to the range of the following table.
Cut costs...
...shrinking time and energy costs
...personnel costs
...disposal and logistics costs
Italy MB company crushing bucket
Italy MB company crushing bucket [1]
save time...
...installation time, the mechanic can use it immediately
...time of operation, the material after pulverization can be reused immediately
...breaking time, can be used directly on all construction sites, including small construction sites
MB S.p.A. Introduces a variety of crushing buckets for various models of various brands of excavators [1] :
C50 S2 is suitable for small excavators of more than 4 tons;
BF60.1: Suitable for small excavators of 8 tons or more;
BF70.2: Adapt to the excavator of 14 tons or more;
BF80.3: Adapt to the excavator of 18.5 tons or more;
BF90.3: traditional model, suitable for 21 tons of excavators;
BF120.4: Adapted to excavator of more than 30 tons, suitable for large-scale construction work;
BF135.8: Adapt to the excavator of 43 tons or more;
BF150.10: Adapt to excavators above 70 tons.
In addition, the following crushing buckets are specially developed for loaders [1] :
L120 S2 trials more than 2.8 tons of skid steer loaders;
L160 S2 is suitable for loaders of 4.5 tons or more;
The L200 S2 is suitable for loaders over 6 tons.
MB Grinding not only has broken buckets, but also screened buckets, milling machines and grippers.
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