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IADC537 rubber sealed bearing TCI tricone bit 9 1 2 for sale
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IADC537 rubber sealed bearing TCI tricone bit 9 1 2 for sale

Basical Parameter
Bit Size 9 1/2"(241.3MM)
IADC Code 537
Connection 6 5/8"API reg pin
Rotary Speed(rpm) 110~40
Weight on Bit(KN/MM) 0.5~1.05
Formation Low compressive strength, medium hard formation with hard abrasive interlayer, like Hard shale, anhydrite, soft limestone, sandstone, dolomite with mezzanine, etc.

1)Cutting Structure
The wear-resisitance of the teethy is enhanced with premium tungsten carbide hardfacing on the tooth surfaces for the steel tooth bit. The durability of premium tngsten carbide inserts is improved with new formulas and new techniques for insert bit.
2)Gauge Structure
Multipe gauge protection with gauge trimmers on the heel of cone, tungsten carbides insert and hardfacing on the shirt tail increases gauge holding capability and bearing life.
3)Bearing structure
High precisiong journal bearing with two thrust faces.Balls lock the cone. Hardfaced head bearing surface. Cone bearing inlaid with friction-reducing alloy and then silver plated. Abrasion resistance and seizure resistance of the bearing are improved.
4)Seal and Lubrication
Premium HNBR O-ting, optimal seal compression and curved seal strcture can enhance seal performance. The pressure compensat or system and adwanced grease can greatly increase the lubricating reliability.
5)Product Application
It can receive high WOB in the conwentional drilling. Ti is suitable for various formations by matcing cutting structure with defferent tooth shape, tooth density and tooth exposure height.
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