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Power station material Filter element HC8314FKN39H from Chin
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Power station material Filter element HC8314FKN39H from Chin

Power station material Filter element HC8314FKN39H from China
Deyang YOYIK is a strong technical force, first-class product quality, brand reputable large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment Limited. Company products covered a wide range of products sold worldwide, a number of users trust. Acting foreign first-class brand, MOOG, EATON VICKERS, star, and so on products. Guarantee genuine, the spot sale.

YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant :
#DF-Filter element HC8314FKN39H-DF
motor KSB50-250C
Globe valve J961Y-64I
solenoid directional valve 4WE10J31B/CW220-50N9Z5L
globe valve 15FJ1.6P
needle valve SHV9.6
Coil+Bracket DF22025
servo valve A156.33.01.74
Probe TM0180-A07-B00-C06-D05
Current Transducer FPAX-A2-F1-P2-O30-5A
differential pressure valve 514D098
Pressure Switch PS531SPP10/BB32N3/S3M2-12MPaM
Solenoid valve coil PAT.5002253 230VAC 22.3W CCP230D
Thermalcouple D220B-024000A
servo valve J761-004
stainless steel bellows globe valve 15FJ1.6P
solenoid valve 4WE10D20/AW220-50NZ4
solenoid relief valve M-3SE10U20/315W220NZ5L
coupling KSB65-250A
AST solenoid valve C9206013
safety valve 5.7A25
globe throttle check valve LJC40-4.0P
stainless steel globe valve (flange) 200FJ-1.6PA2
Sequence valve F3RG06D33D
jacking oil pump 123AL01510A
profile seal 564/550*17.11
solenoid valve D12T11GOP 110VDC 8W 3-10bar
Turbine Rotation Speed Gauge HZQS-02A
EH oil main oil pump WD-PVH98QIC
OPC solenoid valve SV13-12V-C-0-110DGH
Gear pump GPA3-63-E-20-R6.3
pressure hose SMS-12/N1/4-1524mm-C
Sealing oil AC pump outlet overflow valve JORDAN VAE/SIZE:2/MODEL:50HP/SEAT:JOR/RANCE:100-320/BODY:CS/TRIM:303SS/CV:30/MAX
Circulating oil pump discharge filter (oil-return filter) JCAJ008
CV valve (solenoid valve) 4WE6Y60-SG24M9K4-V
Filter element HC8314FKN39H

EH oil supply device filter D600E-690500Rscrew Q/D9251-68
grease gun nipple G.NPL.BH-R1/4
Governor O-ring DH00.017
sealing ring HB4-56J8-32
solenoid directional valve 4WEH16E50/BAW220NZ4
sealing gasket HZB253-640-03-07
Mechanical seal CZ50-250C
Pump, for generator stator cooling corrotion resistant centrifugal pump YCZ50-250C
pipe joint WZK.W31.D0622
Turbine wheel shaft oil thrower YOT51-00-06
oil-suction filter WU-100*180JOil pump KF80RF1-D15||Z0004101
steam turbine bolt heater ZJ-17-8B
gear pump end cap (DE) 2CY-45/9-1A
Gasket 03506-350/357/479
Power module ATI A17 85~265 VAC
pressure hose S100-AC-AC-500 (G1/4)
insulating washer 4Q6675
sealing ring HB4-56J8-115
sealing ring HB4-56J8-127
relief valve DBDS6P10/20
sealant 3Q3358-8
Globe valve J41H-16C D100
insertion element F3-CV1-16-D105-L-40
Pressure Switch RC771BZ090ZSS
Float Switch Z1201030
Shaft end check washer JB/ZQ4347-1997 30*100
solenoid valve 22FDA-F5T-W110R-20/LP
Hydrogen side sealing oil balance valve 19C194H01
Cartridge valve LC16A10E6X
butterfly valve K125D0F4PB3
COPALTITE Sealant Cement/Liquid 1 qt
TiteSeal steam turbine generator Sealant T2575
EH oil station air filter/Filter for EH oil station/ DL008001
Shaft sleeve Coupling XB08VI-86-1.6-0
Filter element HC8314FKN39H

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