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BlueSmart - Bluetooth with long range distance

BlueSmart - Bluetooth with long range distance picture Marketing through BlueSmart Advertising System by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology
After great revolution in the generation of mobile phones with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, we decided to use of Bluetooth technology for promoting the marketing, stable trading everywhere and all of the time and free advertising round – the – clock.
So, after extensive researches, our engineering group designed the new generation of Bluetooth advertising systems with high capabilities.
This is the new way of marketing which is completely free of cost.
It transfers any contents into the mobile phone of millions of customers.
It can be located wherever you need.
Why the BlueSmart?
Because of its high Technology, Bluesmart is considered to be a Unique Bluetooth advertising system.
BlueSmart advertising system is a kind of innovative advertising equipments which can automatically send any kinds of file with any content such as sound, image, movie, clip, text and so on with simultaneous connection of 7 to 56 connections.
It is able to sends contents to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones, laptops, PDAs so on. It can automatically identify and establish the pairing relationship between mobile Bluetooth devices which is within BlueSmart hotspot zone.

Bluesmart abilities :
1. Ability identifying all of the mobile phones that contain Bluetooth.
2. Free advertising incessantly
3. It is able to manage and control the system from far via internet or WAN, LAN and network.
4. Ability of being network the several devices with together and work integrated.
5. Ability establishing double-edged connection (sending information to mobile phones and receiving information from mobile phones)
6. Sending automated Magic reminder.
7. Sending V-Card: automatic sending and storage of your phone number in the contacts of person’s mobiles.
8. Ability sending any kind of files such as sound, picture, text and information without size limitation.
9. Possible sending automated of your desirable message to any person that entrance into the influenced area by blue smart.
10. Containing sound, picture and text box for receiving the criticisms and suggestions for carrying out the customer’s honoring plan.
11. Ability the fast and easy updating of blue smart information system.
12. Possible programming and controlling the blue smart system from far via internet or LAN and WAN networks.
13. Ability servicing to more mobile phone in a moment.
14. Blue smart management ability and organizing for more than 1000000 persons.
15. Ability sending any kinds of information from 7 to 112 receiver such as mobile, lap-top and PDA simultaneously.
16. Sending file from within the radius of 10 to1200 meter.
17. Sending any kind of files contain picture files (GIF, JPG , PNG , BMP ), sound files ( WAV, Midi, AV,MP3 ), video files ( MPG MP4, 3GP, RM ), business card ( VCARD ), calendar files ( VCAL ), software and game ( JAR, SIS ).
18. Ability sending a file of 200KB between 4 to 6 second.
19. Sending file automatically and without operator.
20. Recognizing the recipient algorithm, include recognizing the recipient Bluetooth code.
21. Including the unique recognition and prevention system from abuse of the mobiles that are namesake with system.
22. Easy updating of the system software via Cool Disk or network cable.
23. Including black list and prevention system from sending the repetitive contents to a receiver.
24. Adjusting the influencing region and useful scope of the system according to the determined…
25. Including the powerful content management system according to the kinds of variables.
26. Functioning in the two cases of Stand Alone and with PC.
27. Ability working the system with urban electricity or with 12volt battery.
28. Without the need for additional pieces like the hard disk, cooling fan, etc.
29. Ability comprehensive reporting:
30. Transmission Distance (Bronze type: up to 30 meters) and (Silver type: up to 300 meters)
System is able to report the cases in the chart that are mentioned at below:
A. The number of files that have been sent at the defined time.
B. The number of failed files.
C. The number of rejected files.
D. The number of Timed Out files.
E. Online report of sending files.
F. Reporting of least and most traffic hours of the day in desired date.
G. Online reporting the number of mobile phones that have been found with the name of phone, serial number and model of mobile phone.
H. Including vrsion.2 Bluetooth technology with high speed and EDR technology.
I. Ability installing in the fixed places and on the vehicles.
J. Small size and low weight with beautiful apparent.
K. Ability being network with wire and wireless,
L. Including the free change guarantee for a year and after selling services for 5 years.
Where we can use the BlueSmart?
Since the advertisement is more important among the people in today\'s world, for this reason advertising is needed for every product in everywhere and in any filed.
So, the BlueSmart can be used in the most of Business and administrative places, markets, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, theaters and cinemas, fairs, banks, training centers such as universities and schools and governmental and non-governmental organizations. It can also be used in Night clubs, Cafe\'s, bars, Arrival and Departure terminal of airports; it can have a useful usage in halls, conference rooms and in political parties.

If you need more and other information about BlueSmart, Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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