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Steam turbine parts Coil CCP230M from China
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Steam turbine parts Coil CCP230M from China

Steam turbine parts Coil CCP230M from China
Dongfang Yoyik Engineering Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and trader of industrial products. We mainly offer spare parts of turbines and generators. Kinds of pumps for EH system, valves, filters and filter elements, and other industrial tools and replacements. Our products and service are quality guaranteed.

YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant :
#DF-Coil CCP230M-DF
H-grade varnished glass cloth tape 2450 0.15*25
screw pump ACG060N7NVBP
Parker solenoid valve coil CCP230M 230VDC 19W PAT5002253
relief valve DB10-2-30/315
pressure hose SMS-12/15-1829-C
drain pump 80-50-125A
pressure hose SMS-12/15-2438mm-B
sealant T25-75
level oil thermometer YWZ-350T
Connection Cable CWY-DO-20Y-45K
600MW turbine AC Auxiliary oil pump (TOP)coupling 125LY-36
oring 570x7
Plastic pipe clamp JB/ZQ4008-1997
bellows globe valve WJ15F1.6-II DN15
Sliding block TG24052-2005
sealing ring HB4-56J8-78
EH oil pump PVH098R01AD30A
Mechanical seal KQW250/250-45/4
globe valve J13H-160
Globe valve IV14MBW316H/416-10-GP-ST-0C
sleeve nut QG500-80-206
differential pressure valve ZZCN-10 DN40 pressure 0.084MPa
piston pump F3V101S6S1C20
pressure hose S110-AC-FB-0040
piston pump 160SCY14-1B
solenoid relief valve M-3SE10U20/315W220NZ5L
Heating cabinet DJZ-03F
jacking oil pump A3H37-F-R-01KK-10
EH oil main pump 02-152165
accumulator globe valve SHV15
Sealant gun 5D463.338
Pressure Switch ST307-V2-55B
Coil+Bracket W.49.A.0006MTO
300MW turbine AC lube pump coupling driving pin 125LY-35-5
Filter GH8300FKZ-1
Coil CCP230M

pressure relief valve DBDS10GM10/2.5
accumulator bladder NXQ-AB-25/20-L-Y
Sensor TD-2
Cartridge valve LC25A40E6X
stator cooling water pump KSB65-250B
Filter disc SPL-32
circulating pump F3-20V5A-1C22R
Shaft sleeve FA1D56-01-07
Rectifier cabinet cooling fan EMB
servo valve D634-319C
precision filter WU6300*600butterfly valve 125DOF4PB3
pressure hose S100-AC-AC-0200
front ball head YF-A18-2A-2-15 (B2)
sealing ring HB4-56J8-157
Semiconductor Conductive Adhesive FZS-01
seals (cylinder diaphragm, packing, valve sealing gasket) 125ZXQ016L13NOERHDN125PN1.6
oil water detector alarm OWK-2 DN25 0-1.0MPA,0-44mm
coil 300AA00309A 110VDC
EH oil pump PVH098R
relief valve DBDS6P10/20
jacking oil pump A10VS0100DR/32R-VPB12N00
dongfang Hydrogen reducer YQQ-II
turbine Emergency pump thrust bearing 125LY-23
globe valve J1F1.6P-25
generator Steam/Exciter end cap sealing gasket
Thermocouple WRNR-010 L=420mm K φ5mm
DT Displacement Sensor DET150A DET150A
mannual Regulating valve B72G-2GK-QD3-RMN
gear oil pump KF90NY/15F6
stainless steel bellows globe valve 40FWJ1.6P
accumulator globe valve SHV6
Thermal Expansion Sensor TD-2 0-50mm
stainless steel butterfly valve 50DSF4PB3
Coil CCP230M

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