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Mechanical Optical Switch Module XH-OSW-1X12 is an optical path control device, with the role of controlling the optical path and converting the optical path, the size of this module can be up to 12 channels; can achieve multiple optical signal input, select the signal output of one of the channels or vice versa (to support bidirectional use), the module control mode using TTL high and low logic level control, the microcontroller chip pins can be directly driven control. It has an important role in optical communication applications. Optical switch is mainly used in optical transmission systems for multiple optical monitoring, LAN multi-source / detector automatic switching, and optical sensing multi-point dynamic monitoring system optical test systems for optical fiber, optical devices, networks and field engineering optical cable testing; optical device mounting.


●Low insertion loss, wide wavelength range

●Low channel crosstalk, high stability, high reliability

●Imported motor components, higher reliability of life

●Failure self-test function in internal circuit design

●Simple control mode, small size, easy to embed in the system


Parameter Parameter value
Model XH-OSW-1XN(N≤12)
Insertion loss(dB) Typical value: 0.5 Maximum value: 0.8
Wavelength range(nm) 800~1310 1260~1650
Working wavelength(nm) 850/980/1310 & 1310/1550/1625
Return loss(dB) Multimode ≥30 & single mode ≥50
Channel crosstalk(dB) ≥70
Polarization dependent loss(dB) ≤0.05
Wavelength dependent loss(dB) ≤0.25
Temperature dependent loss(dB) ≤0.25
Repeatability(dB) ≤0.02
Switching times(Times) >107
Switching time(ms) ≤8
Transmission power(mW) ≤500
Power supply(V/mA) 5/600
Operating temperature(℃) -20~+80
storage temperature(℃) -40~+85
Package size(mm) 80×40×32
Tips: The above are commonly used optical switch parameters, if you have other requirements, please consult and customize.
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