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XH-DSW-1X2 optical switch module is an optical path control device, has the role of controlling the optical path and converting the optical path; it can realize 2-channel optical signal input, select the signal output of one of the channels (support bi-directional use), the module supports key manual switching and RS-232 serial port command control. It has an important role in optical communication applications. Optical switch is mainly used in optical transmission systems for multiple optical monitoring, LAN multi-source / detector automatic switching, and optical sensing multi-point dynamic monitoring system optical test system for optical fiber, optical devices, network and field engineering optical cable testing; optical device installation and adjustment.


●Low insertion loss, wide wavelength range

●Low channel crosstalk, high stability, high reliability

●Support manual key switch and RS-232 command control

●Locking and non-locking control types can be selected


Parameter Parameter Values
Moldel XH-DSW-1X2
Insertion Loss (dB) Typ:0.6 Max:1.2
Wavelength Range (nm) 800~1310 1260~1650
Wavelength Testing (nm) 850/980/1310 1310/1550/1650
Return Loss (dB) MM≥30 SM ≥ 50
Corsstalk (dB) MM≥35 SM ≥ 55
PDL (dB) ≤0.05
WDL (dB) ≤0.25
TDL (dB) ≤0.25
Repeatability (dB) ≤0.02
Lifetime (Times) ≥ 107
Switching Time (ms) ≤ 10
Transmission Power (mW) ≤ 500
Operating Voltage (V) 5
Operating Temperature (℃) -20+70
Storage Temperature (℃) -40+85
Dimensions (mm) (L)104.0x(W)120x(H)28±0.2mm

Tip: The above are the commonly used optical switch parameters, if there are other requirements can be customized by consulting, Ethernet communication can be added.[url]
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