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FRP vertical tank chemical storage

FRP vertical tank chemical storage picture Vertical vessel (tank):
Diameter: 1m-4m
Capacity:1m3- 200m3
Customized diameter: 4m-4.5m
Customized capacities: 250m3-300m3
Diameter Requested can be Ø 400, Ø 500, Ø 600, Ø 700, Ø 800 mm.
We can fabricate all kinds of large scale FRP vessels under the inquiry of clients.
1)Acid proof vessels,(tank for HCL, H2SO4, phosphoric acid, nitric acid, organic acid,  fluosilicic acid,  hydrofluoric acid etc)
2)Alkali proof vessels
3)Brine tank, sewage vessels
4) FRP/PVC, FRP/PP composite vessels
1)EN 13121-3
2)BS 4994 – 1997,
3)ASTM D-3299,
4)DIB t Z-40
5)AD 2000 Merkblatt-N1

Shape of vertical vessels (tank):
1)Vertical flat bottom tank
2)Vertical tank with legs
3)Vertical tank with legs
4)Vertical tank with skirt

1)Excellent corrosion resistance
2)High mechanical strength with pressure resistance
3)Very Light weight
4)Good insulating qualities
5) less maintenance & repairs down time
6)Easy installation, less maintenance
7)Anti-aging and long service life

Because of the notable advantage of its material, Horizontal FRP tank is gradually taking the place of metal tanks in many field. Horizontal FRP tank is supplied for both above and underground applications and has an extensive usage in metallurgic industry, chemical industry, medical treatment industry, light industry, construction industry, textile industry, food industry and electroplating waste water treatment, etc.
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