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Fast-response Zero speed sensor XD-TD-1 Quality assurance
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Fast-response Zero speed sensor XD-TD-1 Quality assurance

Fast-response Zero speed sensor XD-TD-1 Quality assurance
Dongfang Yoyik has advanced technology and equipment, with excellent management philosophy, fair and reasonable prices, high brand reputation. The product are sold to worldwide, and win many good reputation among users. It is worth you to buy. We sell a variety of domestic and international first-line brand. We also provide professional accessories of Steam Turbine, Electric Machinery, and Boiler.

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:

#DF-Zero speed sensor XD-TD-1-DF
heater JHG03-380V/6KW A12*1500*2
RTD sensor WRNR3-18 300*6000-3K-NiCr-Ni
Eddy Current Sensor PR6422/000-130
Signal conditioning module switch quantity HSDS-30/FD
dual temp thermostat WSS-481~100℃75
Eddy Current Signal Converter CON031/916-240
DT of CV TDZ-1-H 0-250
Excitation card SWL-3 DB/X LSZDH HMX
LAMP T4W H42412
Arrester SBB-A-12.7KV-131
Turbine Flyweight Proximity Sensor LJ12A3-2-Z/BY
non contact linear displacement sensor 5000TDG-15-01-01 0-250mm
tachometer sensor types DF6202DF6202005050040001000VM600
Speed digital display instrument WZ-3C-A2-B134-C1
Axial Displacement Sensor WT0112-A50-B00-C01
Anode and Cathode for electrolytic battery F4281S-H0601-202
Surface thermal resistance SYRPT205205000
Fuse – HRC RS32(NGTC1) 690V-100kA aR [250A]
Electric heater ZJ-14-T1
DT Sensor B151.36.09.14G18
Eddy Current Sensor PR6424/002-000
bolt heater induction type 73B.606Z
Multifunctional power meter 48250201
Precision Speed Monitor DF9011
Hydrogen leakage alarm device hydrogen sensor NA1000D-CZ
Eddy Current Sensor PR6422/001-140
Steam turbine bolt electric heating rod ZJ-20-4
Acoustic conduit DZXL-IIB1
Intermediate relay UEG/A-2H/125VAC
temperature sensor WZPM2-06
DT Sensor HL-6-500-15
DT Sensor 4000AT
Differential Pressure Switch 849331-SGLGY71.4~12MPa
Bolt electric heating rod ZJ-20-22A
Rectification control unit APF7.820.112C-A
Eddy current sensor 330106-05-30-05-02-00
Zero speed sensor XD-TD-1

Eddy Current Sensor PR6424/101-130
Eddy Current Sensor PR6422/101-000
Rod type magnetic filter CUBI-630
Differential pressure switch RC0373020912
DT Sensor 2000TD-E
DT Sensor 7000TDG
Sensor DF310505
static pressure pickup D-100-02-01
pressure controller QYJ-10Kpa
speed sensor 143.35.19-1
Magnetoresistive speed probe ZS-03 L=75
data acquisition module CH4000E
Bolt electric heating rod ZJ-20-9R
Speed sensor CS-1G-G-060-03-02
pressure measurement unit DE1399YYB90ED0513
Differential pressure transmitter 640453-N4D150
DT Sensor 2000TDGN-15-02
DT Sensor HL-3-500-15
Sensor Magnetic DF6101-005-065-01-03-00-00
Sensor DF312580-90-08-02
Spring type DT Sensor TH-6-250-15-01
Transmitter 3051CD3A22A1AM5B4DF
CF Card 512MB
Position Transmitter CWY-DO-20T08-M10*1-C-00-03-50K
Tilt Angle Sensor LD-B10
Eddy Current Sensor PR6426/000-111
Eddy Current Sensor PR6424/101-030
DT Sensor 3000TD-A
DT transmitter XCBSQ-01/800-01-22
linear variable differential transducer lvdt 6000TDGN
diff pressure sensor RC861CZ090HY994
Zero speed sensor XD-TD-1

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