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Versatile Braun Card D421.51U1 for India power system by Yoy
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Versatile Braun Card D421.51U1 for India power system by Yoy

Versatile Braun Card D421.51U1 for India power system by Yoyik
Our company mainly serves thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, metal mines, coal mines, steel plants, cement plants, petroleum, chemical, natural gas industry. All along, our company serves for many domestic large-scale construction projects to provide a lot of supporting services with first-class quality product, preferential and thoughtful service. We have set a good image and credibility to our customers. We hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners in the related areas.

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:

#DF-Braun Card D421.51U1-DF
linear measurement transducers HTD-350-3
Stroke sensor 5000TDZ-A
speed sensor QBJ-CS-1 L=75
high pressure transmitter 604G11
DT transmitter XCBSQ-03/50-01-12
Sensor DF311180-50-09-01
Travel switch APL-210N
Rotating joint 1005-095-045
Speed detection device HY-ZS3
Eddy Current Sensor PR6423/002-021
DT Sensor 8000TDZ-B
CCI rectifier bridge controller CCIPCD231
Sensor and cable CWY-DO-815004
speed meter WZ-7A
linear position transducer C9231120
BENTLY Cable 330103-00-04-10-02-00
Bolt electric heating rod ZJ-22-T
S-type thermocouple NKWRN-431-S
high precision pressure gauge PHV2BRN
Platinum Thermister WZPK2-343
pressure indicator 3051CD2A22A1AM5B4-9.5~9.5kPa.5
Steam turbine bolt electric heating rod ZJ-17-13
Intermediate relay UEG/C-3H1D
Excitation Voltage Converter FPVDH-V11-03 DC24V
DT transmitter XCBSQ-01/300-01-22
types of proximity TM0180-A05-B05-C05-D10
Conversion module PCD231
DT sensor TD-1-100-01-01
Metal Detector LJT-B
Furnace tube leakage channel detection board JCB-1
Stainless quake-proof manometer YTA-100-BF
Speed sensor CS-1G-G-060-02-02
Signal conditioning module switch quantity HSDS-30/FD
Braun Card D421.51U1

Eddy Current Signal Converter CON031/914-080
displacement sensor price ZDET25B
Power supply module 8000B/001
Sensor 450DR-2244-0100
Pressure measuring line S100-AC-FH-0250(M16X2-G1/2)
duplex type k thermocouple WRNK-321
sight glass tank level LS15-S3F560A
MEH Speed Sensor CS-1,L=100mm
pressure transducer sensor RC860MZ090HSS
Drive shaft gland SR-100V
thermal resistance WZPM2-231
electrical proximity sensor PR6426/010-010
FUSE 170M8550
Intelligent Temperature Controller CTL-7PP03-M-AC
Eddy Current Sensor PR6422/002-010
DT Sensor 5000TD-15-01
Travel switch 3SE5162-0CA00
Bolt electric heating rod ZJ-20-T1A
industrial pressure sensor 101NN-K45-N4-C1A
REUGER pressure gauge PBX-100-LA
industrial displacement sensor C9231127
DT Sensor (Oil Motive) ZDET-300A
speed meter WZ-3C-A-1~6000
Linear Displacement Transducer for STG 191.36.09(1).01 (±127mm)
variable reluctance pickup G-065-05-01
hall sensor linear position DET800A
inductive linear sensor 2000TD 0-100 MM
Module ADAM-4017
Proximity sensor 316P066 100-240/50-60
new thermometer WSS-501-C, L=150
pressure indicator switch 414850-FD050
magnetic pickup rpm sensor CS-1 G-100-05-01
eddy current type displacement sensor WTO120-A00-B00-C05-D90
Braun Card D421.51U1


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