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High-precision SCREW PUMP E-HSNH-660R-40N1ZM Pacitan power
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High-precision SCREW PUMP E-HSNH-660R-40N1ZM Pacitan power

High-precision SCREW PUMP E-HSNH-660R-40N1ZM Pacitan power
Deyang YOYIK skill is strong, the production of strict accordance with national standards. With the power station forging, mining metallurgy, rolling, cement and spare parts spare parts, metallurgy, rolling and other products improve the production and operation system. For hundreds of water technology change, hydropower, thermal power plant overhaul supply of high-quality equipment selection, equipment commissioning, construction plans, spare parts, after-sales service, such as through-train service. The company to undertake hydropower stations, thermal power plant unit capacity transformation, technical transformation and overhaul projects. Look forward to the major manufacturers to inquire.

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:

The electromagnetic valve 8223G003-220/50
active test solenoid directional valve 4WE10Y31B/CW220-50N9Z5L
stainless steel globe valve J961Y-P54 64V DN50 P54 6.4MPA
Van solenoid 22FDA-K2T-W110R-20/
pressure hose SMS-15/N1/4-1219mm-B
Valve Spring 8-YT668Y64150
Sealing ring XM-29-1.5-J8
Pipe joint assembly HQ10.11Z-1
globe valve straight pattern LJC25-2.5P
Manual test valve cod. PMAX 10bar, tf -5℃ +70℃
Ion exchanger drain valve WJ50F1.6P-Ⅱ
Air preheater expansion joint 9CS43-3-0
Accumulator NXQ-AB-63-31.5-F-Y
hydraulic pump station 125LY-23-2
filter HH8314F40KTXAM1
hand operated globe valve WJ25F1.6P.03
Y type stop valve 14G5DJ-F228G-50-2
solenoid valve G531C002MS, 220/50
servo valve hs code MOOG72
axial and radial piston pump PVH074R01AB10A250000002001AE010A
Fluororubber O-ring HB4-56J8-52
flow Regulating valve YSF16-55*130KKJ
Gasket HB4-56J8-79
pressure relief valve YSF16-85/80-KJ
Regular drain well drainage pump YW80-65-160X2.5
Accumlator F40/10-H
AST solenoid valve A156.31.56
valve TDM098UVW-CS
best budget water cooling pump KSB50-250-007
sealing ring OR-158-V
Seal kits of stop valve J24W-320P
oil pump A10VS0100/32R-PPA12N00
Butterfly valve oil engine sealing ring φ18*2
Seals WJ01.37.188
Solenoid relief valve DBW10B2-5X/100-6EG24N9K4

Domestic bearings TWB7315ACM
Acculator Seal Kit NXQ-A-40/31.5-L-EH
Water throwing ring nut (left-hand rotation) DG600-240-03-06
line stop valve WJ40F-1.6P
Gas turbine control oil pump 07317CH1-5011
motor driven feed pump DG85-67*9
Connector STRAUB-GRIP-L-NBR φ219
accumulator bladder NXQ2-63/31.5-H
Pressure limiting valve 98H 1"
Hydraulic accumulator NXQ A B80/10
relief valve N400.005.0
Bearing Elements GST 5930-D950
pressure hose SMS-10/20-1524mm-B
Adjustment of valve sleeves for security systems ktpw40
Seal kits of stop valve WJ10F-16P
Recirculating oil pump Drive screw HSNH210-36N
SERVO VAE SM4 20 (15) 57 80/40 10 S182
EH oil pump outlet HP hose HV 200 ASH-D
stainless steel rotary gear pump GPA3-63-E-20-R6.3
Sealing ring HB4-56J1-18
Reducer MO2225.0BMCC1D1.5A
Extended shaft NM063BT01L06V
pressure relief valve YSF16-25/25
key DG600-240-07-03-08
Change over valve XFG-1F
The electromagnetic valve 3D02A011
pressure hose SMS-10/12-1524mm-B
Lubricating oil sealing ring DG600-240-05-10
SERVO VAE SM4 20 (15) 57 80/40 10 S182
floating oil retainer HD-410
trip solenoid valve 4WE10YL3X/CG220NZ4/V
Seal/O-ring XM273-003
Fluorine rubber ring DH.00.017
stainless steel globe valve (flange) J23W-6.4PIE
oil pump seal 100LY-205
barring gear in steam turbine 3WE6A61B/CW220RN9Z5L

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