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Advanced technology PU Hydraulic Oil Pump PVP16 Satpura powe
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Advanced technology PU Hydraulic Oil Pump PVP16 Satpura powe

Advanced technology PU Hydraulic Oil Pump PVP16 Satpura power
Dongfang Yoyik perennial supply spare parts of steam turbine, turbine generator, EH oil system filter, fluorine rubber O-ring, EHC system various types of pumps, valves, power plant automatic control components, water turbine generator, all kinds of bearings, electrical insulation materials, and other power plant spare parts accessories. The quality is quite worthy of buying.

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:

#DF-PU Hydraulic Oil Pump PVP16-DF
AST control block JZPK001
Excitation cabinet axial flow fan RD13S-2EP.WD.2R 220V 0.3KW
Fire resistant fuel recirculation pump HQ37.03Z
Emergency shutdown solenoid valve 4WE6D6X/EG220N9K4
Single vane pump V10-1P3P-1B20
Anti-blocking solenoid valve 4WE6D62/EW220NZ5L
High side valve seals 201244-1CH
two stage servo valve SV4-20(15)57-80/40-10-S451
Fluorine rubber sealing ring HY-SO-0097-V
stainless steel globe valve (Butt welding) 1-1/2"B07-8076Z-02TS
direct acting valve 4WE6D61/EG220N9K4/V
Vacuum pump HS72005
Stainless steel three piece pneumatic internal thread ball valve Q611F-16P
Globe valve WJ40F-16P
safety valve DN20.3CG2V8FW10-350-210
Balance drum DG600-240-03-14
Big bolt protective cap DG600-240-01-07
24vac solenoid valve GS021600V
oil pump seal 70LY-34*2-1
centrifugal water pump DFB100-65-260
Gate valve DB10-1-30/31.5
Emergency sealing oil pump mechanical seal HSNH440Q2-46NZ
Radial bearings CO46-09-06
Pneumatic head diaphragm KS0125ZMAW16/BQ13UNOERH
solenoid manufacturers Z2805013solenoid valve
gear pump 2CY-12/0.6
EH oil main pump oil seal HB4-56J8-31
Valve G761-3039B
Hydraulic motor unloading valve XH27 WJHX.9340A
Fluorine rubber O-ring φ57*4
sealing ring TRd8.687.554
Spacer 1-23-35162-552
Seal retaining ring 4Pcs // spacer ring P19182D-00 P19182D-00
pressure relief valve YSF12-70/130
PU Hydraulic Oil Pump PVP16

line stop valve LJC65C-4.0P
gear pump 10C1, 25X053G
variable piston pump 5/70LY-34*2-1
pressure hose S110-AC-FA-0150
pressure hose SMS-20-915mm-B
flow Regulating valve RV5-10-S-0-35
solenoid valve 8223G010/1/2NPT/AC220V
O-shaped sealing ring HB 7519-3.55X212
Accumulator rubber support ring NXQ-A-25/31.5-L
pressure relief valve YSF9-55/80-KJ
MOOG pump 514800279
High Profile Oil Motor Seal Kit DF.YDJ.MFTJ.GT.135.HNKY
servo valve SM4-20(15)-80/40-10-H607H
solenoid valve EV210A-032H8019+042N0840
Pump flexible coupling KG70KZ/7.5F4
bladder accumulator hs code NXQ-AB-10/31.5-L-E
diaphragm 010864-003-779
Plum blossom mat MT5
Proportional valve P4WRE 06 Z04 D01-24PG E1/V
Overflow valve RV1-10-S-0-18
bow shackle 6.5T 7/8
pressure hose SMS-12/N1/4-1829mm-B
oil cooler YL-60
ball valve SFQ41F-16
OIL SEAL BN13.5-1.45/.35 MW13.5
pressure relief valve YSF8-55/50-TA
EH oil accumulator bladder (plus seal) NXQA63/31.5MPa
pressure hose SMS-10/12-1219mm-B
Sampling valve WSJ-SN1V10F0D
pressure hose SMS-12/20-3048mm-B
solenoid valve J-110V-DN6-D/20B/2A
Hydraulic crushing shut-off door AB two-way directional valve group YPM225-FZ
Main inlet valve solenoid valve 4WMDA10D32/F
two stage servo valve 0508886T0102AW018
PU Hydraulic Oil Pump PVP16

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