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Brand Assurance PRESSURE CONTROL VAE F3CG2V6FW10 Anyer pow
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Brand Assurance PRESSURE CONTROL VAE F3CG2V6FW10 Anyer pow

Brand Assurance PRESSURE CONTROL VAE F3CG2V6FW10 Anyer power
Deyang YOYIK is a strong technical force, first-class product quality, brand reputable large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment Limited. Company products covered a wide range of products sold worldwide, a number of users trust. Acting foreign first-class brand, EATON VICKERS, star, and so on products. Guarantee genuine, the spot sale.

Yoyik can offer many spare parts for power plants as below:

solenoid valve D1VW20BVZP75XB510
Bearing bracket (free end, drive end) DG600-240-05-02
valve CBH A2889B
Induced draft fan relief valve RPGC-LNN
pressure relief valve YSF16-85/80-KJTA
10mm stop valve K80FJ-1.6P
cartridge valve CVCS 32 A3 B29 W 10 NC
Inflation valve NXQA-40/31.5--L-A
gear 3-2369-2006-00
pressure relief valve YSF16-55/50-TH
main feed stop valve 25FWJ1.6P
high frequency solenoid valve OPC G130519
boiler feed water pump types NT100M-GDL-10
solenoid valve with seats VFS4210-4DB-04
HPCV solenoid valve HR3W6DG220NV DC220V
Coil for OPC solenoid valve group CCS230D
Reduction gearbox M02225.OBGCC1D1.5A
Medium pressure insert rings for dome valves DN200 P29616D-00
shutdown valve types KHWJ10F1.6P DN10 PN16
pressure hose SMS-15-1829mm-C
12v dc solenoid Z2805013
solenoid valve FLDHY-FXF10.25V
gate globe check valves J41H-40DN50
O-ring rubber seal 20.2*2.4-G-S-GB/T3452.1
Charge pump volute CO46-00/2-04
variable pump PVH74QIC-RSM-IS-10-C25-31
4 way pneumatic valve 02-178108
Governor O-ring HB4-56J8-33
Mechanical Seal MG-12/30-Z
Jack joint FAG 6206 2RZ
globe valve dn50 J20C-1.6P
EH Oil seal kit NXQA.25/31.5
STG Lube oil tank Acumulator Repair kit NXQ-A-6.3/3.15-L-A
AST solenoid valve seat 0508.919T0301.AW027
MOOG 730-4229B

solenoid valve 0508.2709T0301.AW001
Medium pressure shut-off valve WJ20F3.2P
Self-use desalted water pump SDH100-80-160A
Oil station system relief valve FRD.WJA4.001
turning gear steam turbine 3WE10A3X/CG220NZ4
BFP LP Regulating valve servo valve SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-S205
EH oil accumulator sealing components NXQ-A-16-20-F-Y
pressure hose SMS-12/15-915-C
Fluorine rubber ring C8689612
pressure hose S100-AC-FA-0100
Fluorine rubber O-ring φ17*2.5
pressure relief valve YSF16-35/50-KJTA
trip solenoid F3DG2S-062A-50DFZK
solenoid valve J-220VDC-DN6-UK/83/102A
condensate water pump CZ65-250A
turning solenoid valve 23D-63B
gate DWG.19D8591
Pump driven screw DLZB820R64B
relief valve DB10-1-L5X/31.5/V
Sewage oil and water pump YW50-32-125
accumulator bladder NXQ1-L10/31.5-H
SOLENOID VAE FOR OPC SV13-12V-C-0-00+300AA00126A
installation screen by switching piece JL1-2.5/2
check valve body H62W, DN20, PN2.5MPa
oil seals 23 x 28 x 2.5 mm Thk
Turbine servo valve SM4-40(40)151-80/40-10-D3051
Accumulator NXQ2-L4/31.5-H
Major Pressure Differential Valve MR95HD
O-shaped sealing ring HQ01.011
hydraulic pump assembly PVH74QIC-RSMIS-10-C25-31
accumulators in hydraulic system SB330H
servo valve working principle 761K4112
Machinery Seal 125-80-250
cylinder M-202
Sealing ring of EH oil system 60*72*14

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